Who we are

The EATA (European Aquarium & Terrarium Association) is an association of Vivaristik associations and clubs in Europe. The association was founded in 1972 as "Aqua Terra International" and in 1997 as the European Aquaristic & Terraristic Association.

The founding organizations are the associations VDA, BBAT, NBAT, FFAAT, FFA, ÖVVÖ, AKVA CZ and FELAT.

An important goal of EATA is to work together at European level.

This has the following advantages,

  • The development of a strong organization within Europe
  • A better contact between the associations.
  • A constant exchange between the associations about their work.
  • Information about the respective national and European legislation
  • Establishment of contacts with political parties, trade, NGOs and other livestock organizations at European level

EATA is the central communication center for all associations on these points.