For what we stand for

The activities of EATA are manifold and of course characterized by the focus interests of the individual member associations. In summary, however, they can be presented thematically in a few key words that symbolically depict what the core of EATA is and what it stands for:

  • animal husbandry

  • Cooperation

  • responsibility

Animal husbandry - EATA stands for animal husbandry on the basis of scientific animal welfare and in close cooperation with the legislator on equal terms.

We are firmly convinced that animal friendly Vivaristik makes important contributions to the personal development of individuals and to the cohesion of our society. In addition, it promotes understanding of the needs of animals away from common pets and the importance and importance of ecological cycles. Animal husbandry focused on the well-being of the foster family is the basis for scientific animal welfare and for gaining knowledge gain in science. Animal husbandry and animal welfare are inseparable for us, which is why optimizing the legal framework and animal welfare laws by advising lawmakers and contributing to draft laws and regulations at all levels is one of our central objectives.

Cooperation - EATA stands for lively club culture, national and international cooperation and willingness to talk in all directions.

The improvement of animal husbandry is based on a lively exchange of experience between experts and enthusiasts in all areas. EATA therefore explicitly promotes lively association as a nucleus within the member associations, regularly exchanges with member associations at association level, and maintains intensive contacts with public institutions such as universities, zoos, schools and museums. We value the conversation with clubs and associations outside EATA as well as discussions with animal protection groups and representatives of the trade. Of course, the cooperation includes, as already mentioned, the legislature, but also authorities of the executive, such as official veterinarians or customs authorities.

Responsibility - EATA stands for the responsible use of nature and animals and for regional activities and product improvements in terms of sustainability and animal welfare.

Man-made environmental disasters and climate change, targeted habitat destruction due to economic interests, greed or pure thoughtlessness, and natural space burden of mass tourism characterize the beginning of the 21st century. The EATA does not stand idly by, because animal-friendly Vivaristik also means taking responsibility. EATA is committed to species and nature conservation, promoting regional breeding and sales activities in the interests of sustainability, supporting meaningful conservation projects in the countries of origin of our patients and working hand in hand with the industry to optimize products in terms of animal welfare.